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(2014) OverTime Press Release (Letter x 1page) Vanguard Jazz Orchestra releases the new CD "OverTime - Music of Bob Brookmeyer" 1.06 MB

The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra - Sixteen As One Music Inc.
888-C 8th Avenue Suite 160
New York, NY 10019
Douglas Purviance, Orchestra Manager
Tel: 212 245 8690

Project Director
Thomas Bellino
Planet Arts Inc.
Tel: 518 945 2669
Cell: 917 699 5339

Douglas Purviance, Orchestra Manager


Q: How can I see your performance?
A: Come to "Village Vanguard" on Mondays. Sets are from 8:30pm and 10:30pm. You may see other performances on the "Itenerary" tab.

We are playing at the world famous jazz club "village vanguard" on every Mondays except when we are on the road (touring).
We have over 300 great tunes from Thad Jones, Bob Brookmeyer, Jim McNeely and will never get bored if you come each week!
To make a reservation call to Village Vanguard or visit its website.
Village Vanguard

Also please check the "Itenerary" page to find concerts outside of the Vanguard.

Q: How can I buy CDs or mp3s?
A: Please visit "Music" tab for online purchase! Hope you enjoy!

Q: Can I purchace music scores  of VJO's book from VJO?
A: VJO doesn't sell music scores but here are how to buy some charts that VJO playing. 

Only a limited number of our charts are availavle. See below.

For Jim McNeely's charts
If you would like to buy Jim McNeely's charts, please visit his website.

For Thad Jones's charts
Kendor music, Inc

For Bob Brookmeyer's charts
Kendor music, Inc

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